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"Photobooth! by Andrea Sonnenberg", 2015 $10.00

 "Photobooth! by Andrea Sonnenberg", 2015
This zine, 44 pages of that familiar sepia color tone, featuring over 132 one-of-a-kind photobooth pictures I have collected from numerous (now defunct) photobooths all over the west coast and beyond since I was 18 years old. If you know me, YOU ARE PROBABLY IN THIS ZINE! I have counted over 92 familiar faces among us. I have kept these photos in a sacred box, and only now are they being seen by the masses. Be a part of it, a part of these now-gone photobooths, a part of the drunken sexed up debauchery from my unabashed youth featured here, GET YOURS NOW! Limited while supplies last. Signed and numbered. xoxo